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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Ballad of the Hyundai Bear we named iBear

The Ballad of iBear on the Brilliant Hyundai high adventure

My name is iBear and I’m hittin the big wide road,
In the fine Hyundai i30 Premium,
With Jacinta, Mia, Gabriellene and Alex,
In Brilliant Hyundai high adventure mode.
I’m a rockin iBear and I love my music, rocknrollin music,
On the awesome Hyundai Bluetooth console,
As we head on down the Princes highway,
Down to Bairnsdale to rock in a
swinging hammock.
We tasted many delights in Narooma town,
Dippin into the cup in the Narooma Golf Club,
Samplin the tasty lunch at the Whale Hotel,
And seein the lovely blue pools of renown.
Then Captain Ben took us out in his charter boat,
To snorkel and dive at beautiful Montague Isle,
And see the seals frolic and play in the sun,
For an exciting fun day fishin and laughin afloat.
On the last morn, breakfast at Café 54,
Where iBear played on the Stones drumkit,
Then onto see Jacinta’s Mum and Dad
At the Gascoignes of Gippsland store.
So we’ve headed home in our lovely car,
The mighty fine Hyundai i30 Premium,
With Jacinta, Mia, Gabriellene and Alex,
And iBear had the bestest time by far!

Drive Brilliant

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