Thursday, 6 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip


Wow, I have been so lucky.  I was one of ten people to win the Drive Brilliant Road Trip which was conducted by Hyundai.I was able to take three companions with me - Wow, how exciting.  Three great friends came with me. Mia, SquEEKs and Eligiuz (Alex for short)
The trip involved the opportunity to drive a new Hyundai i30 Premium model for approx 4 days on a road trip in Australia, making up your own itinerary of where we would like to go, what we would like to do and see, where we would like to stay and eat.
The prize also involved $5000 which was used for the trip for the activities, accommodation, meals and petrol.
Here is a link of the trip we went on from Aspendale in Melbourne, Victoria through to Narooma in NSW.

More of our adventure to come.
Remember Drive Brilliant

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