Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Jacinta Gascoigne

Infinite Worlds Infinite Opportunities
New Worlds To Embrace, New Journeys to Enjoy!

Jacinta Gascoigne is a passionate learner. Driven by her insatiable thirst, to find new and engaging ways to learn and then embrace, employ and embed in pedagogy. 

Learners, the currency of learning, equality, privacy, safety and rights are critical element’s of all Jacinta’s work.

Sharing her experiences openly and in an honest manner online, proving that making mistakes is ‘Okay’.

Sharing always in a manner that does not intimidate, nor overload those who wish to join. Open discussion combined with a ‘Show and Tell’ the most enjoyable and productive choice.

Opportunities afforded her since 2002 have each taken her on a journey of “Infinite Worlds on the “Infinite Web”.

Moving from only, funded community forums, email and government funded platforms, Jacinta is now fully immersed in the “Open Social Web”!

Jacinta’s travels the worlds found, visited, joined, exploring still, follow no plan, no formula, no expectations.

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