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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Embedding e-learning in universities : analysis and conceptualisation of change processes

I am still digesting it all but I love the opening line......and I quote 'E-learning has acquired the status of a "radical innovation" in higher education over the past decade' 

What the???? 

E-learning still has such a status?? 

Now I get it, back in 2002 when I first began seriously looking and working in the 'e-learning' arena in the VET sector in Australia, I was a little ahead of my time as were the other kindred spirits I engaged and collaborated with. 

Ah, that is why I was referred to as a 'bleeding edge innovator'

No wonder I got knocked on the head every time I opened my mouth about anything 'e'.

Well at least the debates go on, but I do suggest that e-learning is not a fad, it is in fact a way of learning that has not yet seen it's full potential realised and will not for some time.

E-learning is evolving at a rapid rate and in many ways is embedding itself in learning through the existence of the tools and technologies and those willing to engage with them.

Billions globally are learning online every day through the mere engagement with the technologies.  

Learning how to use the tools and technologies in itself learning - example - facebook, you get an account and you create your virtual space by trial and error, selecting applications, communicating, sharing, collaborating, playing games - Learning without knowing you are learning - an interesting concept but TRUE.

I hope you enjoy the article and when I have digested it I shall report back:)

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