Wednesday, 18 August 2010

'Talking Head' via Streamfolio for Mahara thanks to Alexander Hayes of Edupov

Wow, I am hoping that I will be presenting live at the mobilizethis conference in Darwin this year.  Two years of presenting online and now time to show that I am 'Real' - scary.

It was suggested to me that doing a 'talking head' piece, on what I plan to talk about, would be a good idea. Um, I thought I knew what it was but all of a sudden 'Freak-out'.  Yep, my head on a little video clip using Streamfolio for Mahara through Edupov.  The only thing that 'Freaked' me, the thought of capturing myself on video, not the technical side as through this system it is easy, fast and fun, the actual 'Me' bit scared the hell out of me.

So playing around in Streamfolio for Mahara and I must thank Alexander Hayes for the opportunity to do this.  By the end of today folks, you will see my 'Talking Head', all I keep thinking is that the only thing to fear is fear itself, so get over yourself Jacinta:)

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