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Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Power of Myspace and the Myspace Generation - 2006 - Update 2008

> Ideas shared in 2006 on the Power of myspace and the myspace > generation brought into my life the most negative people, who had > closed minds and vicious voices, designed to intimidate and knock me > down so that I did not cause harm to the educational sector????? > Cyberbullying that left me scared to comment on anything, anywhere - > real or virtual. > > Support of the most incredible kind from some I did not know, helped > me to get over my fears. Their belief in me, the value they placed in > my work and ideas, never forgotten and forever appreciated. > > One Alexander Hayes, who had defended me online and brought > cyberbullying within professional online environments to the attention > of the world - my case and that of Kathy Sierra (she suffered the most > horrendous bullying), encouraged me to continue with 'my voice' and > then when still reluctant, gave me a kick. > > That kick, saw me jump back in to virtual worlds and blogging about my > wild adventures, concerns, frustrations and more. > > Not one to be that confident despite at times appearing that way > (masks one wears for survival and protection), I have been humbled > many times by the words of appreciation and value that I never > expected. > > Last week, an email appeared in my inbox and I have to say, I was > speechless yet my mind raced: > > Me - my story - my work and ideas - why me - why did they select me - > why do they see me as any type of role model? On and on I went. > Eventually I took a deep breath, went outside, looked up to the sky > and shouted to everyone who had stood by me and believed in me: >
> > The horrors of 2006 I then handed back to the rightful owners (the > ones with issues), freeing myself of a weight that was not aware I was > carrying. > > Myspace is not for everyone, however is any world - not that I have > found. It should not be dismissed or made out to be the 'root of all > evil' and a dangerous world. Myspace is and has proven to be more > than successful in the arena of charity and advocacy and business > promotion - my sites of which their are many are living, breathing > examples. > > Overall - my intent with my first myspace was to help an Australian > cause that I believe in strongly, by creating an advocacy site, giving > them a profile within the myspace music arena. It was my learning > environment, putting into practice what I believed and how I thought I > could use the technology. > > Many mistakes made, I had no idea how to use in the beginning, the url > is horrid, but an honest and raw piece of work, that allowed me to > learn and try and do my bit, to help those in the Australian Music > Industry who are in need. > > I have accepted the offer and hope that in doing so, people with look > at the positives not the negatives of online worlds. > > I hope that it encourages others to do as I did - leap in - give > things a try - do not be afraid like I was - believe in yourself and > just go for it, as you never know what lies ahead..... > > Jacinta Gascoigne > > Extract from email: > > The team at MySpace have identified your Support Act Advocate MySpace > profile as an outstanding example of a MySpace user harnessing the > platform to better the both MySpace community and the world at large > and would like to feature your profile in the upcoming MySpace Impact > Awards onsite advertising campaign. > > The Impact Awards are essentially a formal way for the MySpace > community to recognize their peers who are actively using the MySpace > platform to make their world a better place across a diverse array of > fields, from poverty relief, environmentalism, health & safety, to > social justice and community building. > > Leading up to the awards we'll be running an onsite poll for the > MySpace community to vote for the best profile and we would love your > story and profile to be the face of this campaign. > > If you agree to be featured, what we'd like is a little blurb about > what you use your MySpace profile for, some examples of the best > things that have come out of the site, why you originally started > using MySpace and the advantages of MySpace from the > perspective ....... > > This campaign would not only help promote the IMPACT awards but would > be a great way to drive awareness and traffic to your profile, > probably increase friend numbers and ultimately increase awareness of > the Support Act Advocate cause. The url for the advocacy site is http://www.myspace.com/jinxsalvic The profile pic is Salem one of my pals at home:)

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