Sunday, 13 January 2008

Visible Ink LINK with Jazazi

Dominic of Visible Ink is coming to play in the vast and 'Infinite Web' with Jazazi Pty Ltd and others to be announced shortly. With MORE than 25 years experience in the entertainment, advertising, educational media and media, related industries and the most incredible networker ever on this planet, Why would you go anywhere else? Now out in the global arena, Dominic P. Barbuto, trusting me with his life, in venturing into the "Infinite Web', the opportunities for all, I KNOW are endless. Thanks for coming on board to play Dom. Hope you are ready for the ride of a life time:) We all love you and Andy to pieces xxxxxxxx If you missed his current website here it is again Visible Ink Keep posted for other links that may suprise you - coming soon to Social Networking Rocks!

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