Friday, 28 December 2007

Reflection's - honest and raw to the bone - coming soon

I have been in quite a relective mood of late and have begun retracing my steps since my involvement in all things 'e' and beyond. It has begun to look like a book and I will begin to provide you with my story in parts - from the beginning until today. Be prepared for the good back and ugly - nothing will be held back. I assure you - more positives than negatives and even the negatives have evolved once seen as opportunties instead of brick walls. I look forward to sharing and hope you enjoy, yet another ride - the roller coaster with no end in sight - so good as it frees one from expectations and opens ones mind to all thought impossible in the past - nothing is impossible - not if you really want it, that is.


I have already written of my experience of having FACEBOOK at will delete an account created by myself on behalf of another, so they could continue and learn to grow their network.
  • Months and work
  • downloads,
  • internet time,
  • focus on facebook at expense of other snt,
  • sleepless nights,
  • researching applications applicable and
  • selecting friends carefully
  • networking
  • groups created.
Gone at the click of a button. No warning email, no - 'hey can you just correct this and we are good to go'. You are suspeded and advised to write to FACEBOOK for an appeal. Well thus far, three I now know have experienced the same fate. All their work contacts, everything gone. Each have appealed but that is a fruitless excercise - each response - The decision is final. When asked for the exact offence committed, when asked for proof they are doing anything wrong on their sites - it is to late - accounts - DELETED and decision FINAL. I am wondering if facebook has any liabiltiy for the time wasted by three individuals new to facebook - entitled to make an error if in fact they did - and given at least one chance, unless behaviour criminial in nature. Do they get reimbursed for the internet time and downloads they made all to be raped of their profiles. What about the hours of work, researching, being careful to not have anyone join their network that was inappropriate - how is this reimbursed? Yes, I am furious and I am now yet again seeking a world, where I have some form of dialogue and defence if a problem arises as in any COMMUNITY - one of encouragement and support. FACEBOOK is a dictatorship and that is really not up my alley. Many more sites and tools, so off I go again. dictatorship FACEBOOK - you had an edge, you were getting me worked up and an advocate to the death. As FACEBOOK has changed, I choose to change, to find places where I am truly a community member and those who manage the site, show communty spirit towards their users. FACEBOOK, three profiles of those close to me gone, yet others who are promoting business not using own names and more are still active, with the same like mindeness and passion in vaious areas. Is it possible that if you pay FACEBOOK off you will go under the radar? Huge allegation but I can see no other answer apart from poor staffing who are deleting accounts indiscriminantly. The great contradcition for me is that FACEBOOK has provided so many promotional, business applications, promotional and band/music appkications and more, that to rely on any justification that it is purely for social networking, has my brain in a great muddle - exactly what is FACEBOOK again? Could it be that because of deals with FACEBOOK between advertising and promotial deals with businesess etc, mean that they can have no one promote anything via their own individual profiles? Who knows but an answer from facebook I feel appropriate, seeing my three cases, are only the tip of the iceberg, with many experiencing a similar fate and devestation as to how they could be stripped and judged Guilty of a deliberate breach (is such is present) before Innocent. I did not know that Dictorships were a part of an open source world - but in my opinion that is what is appearing here. A dictatorship that provides for its favourites, retarding the progress of others and allowing the favourites to continue and reap the benefits possible (if you are not booted out). Have you thought of what would happen if your profile vanished and you had no rights to reclaim it? Have you backed up your contents, contacts - everything that you have been working with to learn, share and collaborate? Maybe worth a little thinking, as you just never know when you go to login if you will still have a profile, the world you created and tailored for your needs at any given point in time. Mission for me - off to check out more new worlds and will watch with interest if FACEBOOK decides to reflect, consult with users and consider at least the stupidty of their policies at present which are leading I have to say not to just dicatorship but to discriminatory procedures. If you have or anyone you know has suffered a similar fate - join me in the facebook group - at the profile Jacinta Gascoigne on FACEBOOK and also please add your comments here. Jacinta

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


To all in Australia particularly for the purposes of this post - Go to my bookmarking account Why? If you look at the latest posts or type in the key words: arts grants australia You will find a plentiful collection of the current funding opportunities available to those in the creative arts industry. Be quick - closing date for some is coming soon. Need help? Drop me a line at Attention of: Funding Source and Grant Writing Specialists (and more)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

I vowed to be honest on this blog and that I shall be - a facebook advocate, now considering moving on - here is why? Wow, such an advocate for facebook I have become and now a victim of a policy that offers one no redress, no warning. A policy that sees ones profile disabled and seemingly deleted so as never to be seen again. After a huge week, returning to facebook, I have found that one of the profiles, in fact the main profile created and used for the charity gig with young aussie indie bands, using social networking tools, has been disabled or deleted. Months of workd, ideas, collaborative efforts, learning and connections - vanished and have no idea if I can get it back. I will keep all updated - interesting that this profile was in focus as of the 21st of October at an online conference - slideshare used to share a presentation and more, then 'poooooofffff' vanished into thin air. MMMMMMM - hope it comes back or I am going to find myself, looking outside facebook - for the tools I need - I am sure I will find them, if I must.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Social Networking Tools Rock Away Downunda!

This is a short post - a change for me. One to let anyone out there interested enough know, that the gig that I staged on Friday the 19th of October at MusicLand, was a major success. You got it, three weeks only - 7 bands around Australia, sourced through myspace alone. Worked together through myspace groups and facebook, collaborating, networking, sharing and more - no one - not the bands, the production or event management, no one at all involved had met one another in person. The production went off without a hitch. All pitched in and worked as crew, no ego's, all in fact thrilled when they first met in person, so much so that they wanted to help each other, to make the night a huge success. $3,500 was raised to be given to Max Merritt, to help with his medical expenses, whilst he is ill. Mr Wal Bishop, Max's dear friend and Manager, who put the benefit together for Max, yes not long ago was it staged and what a night, came down for a time to see the bands and say Hi and Thanks. MusicLand, recorded the event live via their recording studio and Asylum TV filmed the gig - not only did they film it, the interviewed each band, interviewed myself and in a few weeks it will be aired on Channel 31 - even all the way to New York. The event, the concept, all, such a hit, that Asylum TV and MusicLand have asked me to continue and we will be doing the same work at least once a month. So, once a month a gig will be staged at MusicLand. The gig will be filmed and go to air as a regular event for Asylum. Each time social networking tools will be the major tools for communication and for guiding those new to facebook, on a journey, that will in time, enable them to create, their own one stop shops - myspace and facebook combined - providing learning, networking, working, collaborating and more - each involved then enabled to search other worlds to see if maybe there is something that suits their way of operating, learning, better. As time goes on, I am sure we will see other tools and technologies emerge, providing such and thus it is only right that any journey one embarks upon, especially when they wish to guide others, that they not be narrow in their thinking and thus enable all users, learners, with the skills and hopefully the desire, to look outside every now and then, to see what else is out there. Back to the gig - each one will be for a charity or a cause in Australia And I will fill you in on the rest in the days to come. On this journey, I came across the most amazing young lady, all of 24, engaged in social networking tools and has experienced the power and benefits. She is a mighty little Rock Chick and her name is Gen - she is the lead singer of Utility one of the bands involved in my project. I am hoping that she may be selected to go on a proposed FLNW journey to Thailand in 2008, to talk to others about the Australian Music Industry from one who is a rising star (and yes she has a manager now, thanks one and all) and about the benefits to her and others in the industry in using social networking tools - how to stay safe, etc, etc. Gen, was so excited about the proposal, that we have all made a comittment to sponsor the journey and will be providing funds as donations to the organisers, should she be selected. We need an ambassador from Australia. We need a young one - one who is industry based and understands the use and the enablement she has felt, through access and use of social networking tools - We need an ambassador, who is real, one who is going to be able to drive home the message in this country, that blocking the access of social networking tools, is disabling learners and it has to stop, before we cause any further detriment to all learners across the nation. Take a look at Gen in action on their myspace - She Rocks and Hey - Social Networking Tools Really Do Rock - Yeh! More to come but now back to the after party.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Facebook Profiles for Jacinta Gascoigne - Professional/Learning, Music Industry, Creative Arts - Join In and Create Your Own Infinite World

Yes, three facebook profiles. Why? Join in the MobilizeThis Conference tomorrow and find out then, or you will have to wait, until I blog again. You can surf to the profiles via: See you at the conference! Oh - I was hiding - time to come out - various names used for various worlds, sharing and communication. See what happens if you google any of the names below - did you find me? Is it me? Jacinta Gascoigne Jacinta Cat Gascoigne Jinxie666 Jinxiethecat Jinxie666thecat

Facebook | MySpace Link

Creative Arts Infinite Worlds - The beginning of a future Facebook MySpace Link

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Rocsims has a new youtube out. Chinee At this very moment the view count is 450. Experiement - put out youtube link, via myspace, blogger, facebook and twitter now. Check the view count in the morning and see what it reads - continue for 2 weeks, collecting data each day. Results will be posted as they come in. Oh, and it is worth watching. As usual rocsims has produced nothing less than an amazing and topical masterpiece. Jacinta

Friday, 12 October 2007

Facebook vs Myspace. The Winner - Facebook of Course!!!! Articles such as the one above, six months ago would have left me clearly in favor of Myspace. Facebook at the time I did not feel suited my needs. College Networks, Friends and the like but little in the professional education, social networking world I was looking for. The result at the time for me was to venture into the world of Ning . In Ning, I found a number of groups that appealed to my needs, a great assortment, so of course I joined as many as I could. Ambitious to say the least. How on earth can one person, blog or even cut and paste to each of the groups they have joined?????? Focus soon came into play and I concentrated on Classroom 2.0 in Ning - Come if you are not a member, join Ning and find Jinxie. You will find Jinxie in many places, each time you should note, whether I am active or dormant. It will become clear soon enough as to why and where I have become most active. Problem I have with Ning at the moment, is that the groups are somewhat closed. You need to be a member of so many different groups, when if many of them collaborated, the benefits would be infinite. Behind their doors and somewhat closed (I am sure there is or Ning can find away to allow further connection, integration between modules???), I feel all are limiting themselves, their learning, their futures!!!!! Whilst not active for a while, well not as active as I was, I still encourage others to explore Ning as for me, it was an excellent learning ground, a playground which I managed to use in such a way, as to add new tools to my trusty kit. I will continue to explore Ning and follow upgrades, as like all platforms, it is sure to expand and evolve as it should. Myspace, hey, I love it but I find now that it is a tool excellent for promotion for music and like industry and initiatives in the creative arts. Wonderful as a starting point to network, grow fan, base, connect with venues, managers, record companies and more. Limited functionality with groups and the like, thus no other real advantages. Ah, Ha, so a message on Twitter one night, a mention of Facebook, did I see. a flash, a positive comment, more in facebook now than I had seen before, mmmmmmmmmm, Jinxie666 sometimes known as Jinxiethecat or Jinxie666thecat, had to explore. Facebook, what happened? When did you change? When did all of these professionals join up? What, where, how, who?????? No matter that was it Facebook had me , (check the link you just passed over:). I have found so many people to connect with globally, all experts in their arena, all from various industry and educational networks, organisations, institutions, all my friends and working with each other, in an effort to learn and grow personally and professionally. Wow Facebook now I have to convert the music industry in Australia and show them how they can use Facebook as a learning and business tool - hey you can even lift, link, check, mail and more from your myspace worlds, directly through facebook - hehehehehehehe - no one tell myspace how far behind they are already - shhhhhhhh. Ooops - don't forget to check every facebook link on this page........ Okay, so Facebook you have another role. It appears that the art industry, is also wanting to learn about myspace and Facebook. A new myspace for the fad gallery bar and a facebook profile for them too, connecting them with the network I already have in operation - Sure and a Pleasure. So Myspace you are okay, you serve my purpose for promotion and the start of networking, however you provide nothing in the way of functionality that Facebook has to offer and will continue too, due to the platform which allows, constant additions and allowing users to create their own ONE STOP SHOP for business and learning in any industry or any level and or age. Oh Facebook, Thanks for letting me be a Vampire and I love my Pet Dragon and Pet not mention playing poker, huh!!!! Myspace vs Facebook Facebook Vs Myspace The Winner without a Doubt - Who could go past - One's Own Personal Learning and Business One Stop Shop World - Tailored by you, for you, with the aid of the applications FREE offered on FACEBOOK. Oh, sorry for being tricky, if you wish to find my third profile on facebook, you will have to join and search for me. Search somewhere in the Creative or Arts areas maybe - see who you find - good hunting one and all.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

MySpace - Is it Safe? Does it influence our YOUTH in an ACCEPTABLE Manner?

DJ Dean Thomas 101.9 fox fm Check out the profile - dig down - anything you see that you like? Anything you see you do not like? Then take a look here - see what you think? Last but not least - what about this profile - is all okay here? You be the judge - all comments appreciated.

Facebook | Jacinta Gascoigne

Facebook Jacinta Gascoigne

Facebook | Home

Facebook Home - JAZAZI Myspace e-Marketing and Management Solution - 45 - Female - Melbourne, AU - - JAZAZI Myspace e-Marketing and Management Solution - 45 - Female - Melbourne, AU - - JINXIE, Support Act Advocate - 45 - Female - Melbourne, AU - - JINXIE, Support Act Advocate - 45 - Female - Melbourne, AU -

A Charity Gig Comes Together Using Social Networking Tools! Part 1:)

A Charity Gig Comes Together Using Social Networking Tools! Part 1:)
The beginning of a journey. The evolution of a TRUE community.
Part One Earlier in 2007, I had a discussion about a project with a colleague I admire greatly. It was the result of great concern over, actions that could possibly be detrimental to learners and education in general. Topics discussed in the AFLF community forum, our individual expertise, contacts, connections from each party, saw the birth of a an interesting way, to demonstrate the benefits and power of social networking tools. Life along with an unsuccessful application for funds, saw the project left on the shelf, gathering dust. Recent events and activities have blown the dust away. New life. An idea now a reality. On the 19th of October 2007 an event will take place in Melbourne, Australia. It involves:
  • Young Aussie Indie Music Talent
  • Fundraising
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Learning
Increased awareness and promotion of:
  • Young Aussie Indie Music Talent
  • Individual Bands/Performers
  • DJ Nana Mex - and future radio station
  • DownUnda Thunda
  • Musicland
  • Asylum TV
  • Jazazi Pty Ltd
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Max Merritt and need for aid
  • A changing world, how to engage and evolve using the www
  • Leading Change
  • Innovation

This event has been pulled together in less than three weeks. Those involved have not met face to face. Social Networking Tools, email, skype, phone alone used.

The event is being filmed by Asylum TV and will be shown on air.

Other tools are now being engaged to connect all parties and broadcast live, beam people in and more.

Part two of this amazing journey will appear shortly.

I leave part one with a copy below of a bulletin issued on myspace to promote the event. An interesting read, clearly demonstrating the power of social networking tools.


From: "Nana" Mex Promoting Aussie Indies Date: 26 Sep 2007 3:31 PM Subject: Huge Thank You!! Benefit Gig Pre-post Body: What a Country and what an awesome mob of Independent Musos we have in this country!I put out a call for bands to do a free gig, get there, play, get home all for no pay, but to show their support for a legend. The response was even more huge than I could possibly have imagined. I want to say a special thanks to those bands and solo artists who would have had they been able to, and to those who rang just to see what they could do to help. The gig is set, the bands are working together, networking just as MySpace was designed for them to do to pull off this gig, and to see to it we have raffle items, that all musos have needed gear, and now they will begin to promote and sell tickets and make this the most awesome Indie Gig ever. Here are the preliminaries, with major posts, banners and posters to come over the 3 weeks between now and then.==================================================Downunda Thunda Indies for Life ... The Beginnings A Tribute to Max Merritt Friday 19 October 2007Downunda Thunda Radio Promotions in conjunction with* Jazazi Pty Ltd - Social Networking Tools and Related Technologies Consultancy - Education and Industry Globally * Musicland* Asylum TV Presents a benefit Concert Featuring (in alphabetical order)Ancient Free Gardeners GrumpyNeighbours Pete Gare Powerage Sleeplever Shonny Temple of Tunes h

Hours of awesome tunes by 8 of the finest Independent Bands in Australia.8PM - 1AM Musicland1359 Sydney Road FAWKNER, Victoria These socially conscious bands and their support teams are donating their time, talent and music and are working and networking together to provide an awesome night of music for your listening and partying pleasure, the proceeds to go to Max Merritt. There will also be some awesome items raffled off, including Band Shirts and Autographed CD packages, and too many more items to list here, so you will need to attend to find out what else is on the block. Watch This Space for More Info, and watch for posts from these bands about this gig.OH, and bring your "Nana Hugs" with you to the gig, you will want to share!HUGS!!!!"Nana" Mex

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Firm Sues Forum To Silence Critics - Read on, today's highlight for me! I am in shock over this article. The mere fact it can get to court is enough to send me spinning. Not sure how we can alter what is happening in Oz but we need to work out something and quick.If this goes through and a precedent is set, best I look for a cave to live in as I am sure someone will hunt me down and I do not think I will be alone. What a great message in Oz, block all users, scare the parents, sue forums, where I thought we could speak our minds - should I really place a post on my blog about facebook? Should I exclude all negatives from any posts about any sites, tools, technologies? What should I say? What should I share privately? Many questions will be posed if precedent is set, issues for all online forums, networks, bloggers and the like.I am starting to wonder if our bandwidth in this country is so poor that the govt will use the media, industry, parents, all the bad news stories they can muster, so that our nations system does not crash and burn - oops sorry I think I can already smell the smoke. My vent - apologies but this is the work of mad men out of control - albeit they think they are in control. Oh, when did freedom of speech vanish in Australia? Jacinta

'Facebook' More than a Face or a Book. Creative Networking and Learning!

Initial skepticism Upon entering the world of 'facebook' some months ago, I was skeptical to say the least, as to what it could offer me. I have since had a 'wake up call' after revisiting 'facebook' and now consider it to be incredibly important in all areas of my personal learning journey. My first look at 'facebook'. What was I searching for? Why did it not appeal? What purpose/s did I wish any tool/site/technology to offer? As my learning interests concern web 2.0 and beyond, in learning, formal and informal, business, charities and music, it was important for me to find online worlds, that would advance and enhance, my own learning in these areas. In particular I required a world that could provide:
  • User control - security to avoid cyberbullying
  • Ease of use - one or two clicks - no drilling down into middle earth
  • User choice of applications
  • Design options
  • Established networks
  • Interesting networks connected to my area of learning
  • Interesting individuals
  • Ability to connect with others easily
  • Global connections in education, business, charities and music
  • Willingness to share
  • Willingness to collaborate
  • Active participation
  • Enjoyable and fun environment
  • Mobile functionality
  • RSS feeds
  • Blog
  • Picture/Video
A 'one stop shop' that I could tap into each day, connect with my friends, develop my networks, write notes, post items,enhance my learning, share my learning and experiences, see what was happening around the globe and keep abreast of the rapidly advancing, changing landscape of web 2.0 and beyond. Along the way, finding people, groups, ideas, concepts, applications, successes, concerns, sameness and difference. Was I asking to much? In the beginning from 'facebook' - Yes. At the time of joining it was very much a USA college networking site and I found it quite clumsy, with little that attracted me - even the look put me off - boring in fact. What exactly did I need? What would satisfy me? I needed a world where I could learn, share and collaborate in the following areas (to name a few):
  • how to enhance learning using web 2.0 and beyond in teaching practice
  • how to change the culture of organisation's who continue to reject the us
  • how to help others learn and apply web 2.0 and beyond in their practice
  • how to network with other like minded souls in a meaningful and productive manner
  • how others were already using web 2.0 and beyond in their own teaching practive
  • how others were reacting to roadblocks placed in their way by management, educational authorities, government policy
  • how the world of web 2.0 and beyond had changed and was changing
  • how I could enhance my own learning and teaching practice
  • how I could enhance the learning of my children
  • learn what was new on the scene
  • learn what works and does not work for others
  • how to help reduce the fear instilled by the media in many, especially parents

How to successfully use web 2.0 and beyond in business:

  • employees
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • promotion

How to successfully use web 2.0 and beyond for charities:

  • fundraising
  • awareness
  • sponsorship
  • online donations

How to successfully use web 2.0 and beyond for those in the music industry:

  • events
  • promotion
  • marketing
  • record deals
  • radio airplay
  • benefit concerts
  • and more.......
Solutions, Solutions, Solutions to as many issues faced by those in the educational arena, the business sector, the charity sector and the music industry, with the explosion of the tools and related technologies on the www. Exploration of other worlds As 'facebook' did not appear to satisfy my needs initially, I explored other social networking sites, other than myspace (which I am a great believer and user of, with three sites developed and managed by myself). 'Facebook was somewhat forgotten as I concentrated my efforts in Ning and began to 'blog', using blogger. Ning I have found useful and functionality increasing (a story for another day). Blogging, took a while to get used to as I was one of the 'fraidy cats' who worried to much about what and how I wrote. Limitations I placed on myself and advise others against - give it a go - you will love it in the end. Venturing back to 'facebook' By chance I ventured back to 'facebook' and found that the networks, groups and those interested in learning, sharing, collaborating in the area of web 2.0 and beyond as it applied to education, business, charities, music and other arenas, had grown exponentially (do not like using that but I kept no data from when I first joined). The look still a little drab but after exploring so many sites, I came to the conclusion, that all the pretty designs, bells and whistles, mean little, in fact they can clutter not only ones site, but ones mind to the point of distraction. Networks, like minded people, active participation, it was all there. It appeared to have taken on a life of it's own, in my absence and I was thrilled to return. At present there are close to 4,000 different applications/gadgets on offer (no today in fact as I am editing - there are nearly 6,000) - see what happens over a few weeks. The variety, providing options for all users of facebook - youth, business, education, personal learning, causes and the rest. Customising your own site a users dream. I have loaded many of the 'facebook' applications overtime, as you will see below, yet only those in red are currently active albeit in some cases modified. Here is a little guide that may help you understand the terminology, as it appears currently on my edit applications page.
  • Left Menu = place in the left handside menu
  • NewsFeed MiniFeed Profile Links Disabled = disable these features for specific applications
  • Profile disabled = application unavailable and out of sight
  • Menu disabled = application unavailable from the menu

Australian Greens (about) Profile disabled Awareness Ribbons (about) Profile disabled Be an organ donor (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Blipcast: Post & Share videos from Youtube, etc (about) Blog Friends (about) Left menu, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Causes (about) Chinese Zodiac Horoscope (about) Profile disabled Cities I've Visited (about) Class Chat (about) Profile disabled Courses (about) Courses 2.0 (about)

Profile disabled Events (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Feed Friend RSS (about) Profile, left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Flickr Gallery (about) Profile disabled Fortune Cookie (about) Profile disabled FunWall (about) Profile disabled Gifts (about) menu disabled Groups (about) Left menu, News Feed disabled Jedi vs Sith (about) JunkYard (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Lyrics Book (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Magic 8 ball (about) Profile disabled Marketplace (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled MediaFire (about) Profile disabled Movies (about) Profile disabled My Questions (about) Profile disabled My Whiteboard (about) My Wikipedia (about) MyFuture (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled MySpace Connect (about) MySpace Link (about) Myspace Mail (about) Profile disabled Myspace Style Surveys NEW FORMAT! (about) Profile disabled Neighborhoods (about) Profile disabled News Headlines (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Notes (about) Photos (about) Poker (about) Posted Items (about) Left menu, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Profile Web Address - /YourName (about) SchoolTube (about) Scrabulous (about) Profile, left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Slates (about) Profile disabled Slideshows (about) Profile disabled Social Chat (about) Profile disabled Social Climber (about) Profile, profile links disabled South Park Character Creator (about) Left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled SpacePlayer (about) Profile disabled Super Wall (about) SuperPoke! (about) Profile disabled Surveys, Petitions, Votes, Polls & Quizzes (about) Profile disabled TinyFB (about) TizMe (about) Profile disabled Top Friends (about) Twitter (about) Left menu, News Feed, profile links disabled WereWolves (about) Which Brain Are You- Right Or Left? (about) Profile, left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled World Friends (about) Profile, left menu, News Feed, Mini-Feed, profile links disabled Why are so few active? I have found those currently active productive and effective, for both professional development and maintaining somewhat of a social network. To have a site where you can add a little personality, even playing games like, poker (I am a loser) or turning others into 'werewolves and biting them (Sue Hickton - I am coming) or just putting a nice comment out for the day, somewhere noticable on your page. Whilst there are numerous other applications to try out, and those already within my applications folder, I have found I need to be wary of making my site, tooooooo bussssssy. Even now as I write, I know that I need to edit the blipcast so that it takes less room and move around a number of other active applications. Note: This is an easy process as you are able to drop and drag the majority of applications to the position that suits you - you are your own instructional designer - oh dear, run to facebook and see if there is any logic anywhere - now:)) Why not delete the other applications? I will be perfectly honest, there are some I am yet to play with enough, to feel confident that they will provide any benefit, to myself or others. Of the others there are many I would like to position on my site, however at this point, the site is already busy and needs no more clutter. The Evolution of a Facebook site As time goes on, the page changes, some applications active yet hidden from full view, only to be found in the menu, some change position to provide maximum exposure for an event, success, cry for help, maybe on your whiteboard or your status. A twitter feed maybe comes in, myspace is accessed, emails retrieved, friends blog feeds and news updates continue, but may move just the same. New applications, continue to be developed before one can view the last 3950. Curiosity may get the better of you, new applications added, old ones revamped, some no longer current deleted. A range a themes, layouts, designs, backgrounds, become more easily accessible. All allowing you to show your creative flair, designing your world, one that you look forward to looking at as much as learning from and sharing, networking with your ever growing friend list and group memberships. For me making a one stop shop, the one I go to in the morning before I look at the online news, the one I hoped many months ago to find, was in my face - sorry - all the time - facebook. Direct Benefits Increased friend base through facebook contacts Increased discussions with others privately on various topics Sharing what I am doing with others Connecting with individuals interested in web 2.0 and beyond in a variety of arenas:
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Industry
Myspace, well you will find out within new posts, along with attending MobilizeThis on the 19th of October, 2007 - Register and join us all for a day that will be in itself a journey into many worlds.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Twitter a Micro Tool with Macro Power!

Twitter what an odd name I thought when I first heard of it some months ago. Like many of my online colleagues, I joined but I have to admit, that was about it. Honestly I could not see what this so called 'micro networking tool' was going to offer me. How much could I get from a site, where messages (tweets), can only be 140 characters long? I dismissed it and carried on my merry way, exploring other social networking sites, facebook, ning, xanga, myspace, orkut to name a few. A few weeks ago, I remembered that I had a twitter account and jumped in to see if there was anything going on. Was there something I had missed upon my first glance? Had anything changed? Could twitter be of any use to me, through my exploration? Was there a use for twitter in the tool kit I was preparing for Zane my son, who I am now homeschooling. Shocked, Delighted, Stuck for Words - that and more was I. Twitter looked the same but things had certainly changed, progressed in my absence. In typing in the names of a number of people I admire and respect, Alexander Hayes, Sue Waters, Anne Patterson, Stephen Downes, Graeme Wegner,I discovered they had all been busy twittering. Trusting their judgement I began to follow them - a simple task with the click of the mouse - I was lurking. I looked at the public timeline, my curious nature kicking in as I went. I began to twitter. I said hello and people said hello back and even welcomed me - "huh, they don't even know me, yet they are all saying hi". A more friendly and receptive group out there than I could have imagined. At the time I was working through all the negative media, that was coming through, especially in Australia, regarding social networking tools, the epidemic sweeping Australian educational institutions, who see their main role as blockers of social networking tools and related technologies, and the ignorance, displayed by those who are supposed to be the leaders, of our country (they maybe our leaders but I fear the path they are leading Australia down). As I discovered and read articles, those I felt worthy of sharing, I twittered to the twitts (not sure if I like that but anyway I digress). I was not sure what the outcome would be, expectations were low, so anything was going to be a bonus. So, this girl was in for another shock. My initial tweets and my subsequent tweets, were not only appreciated by many of the twitts, they have also lead to the following: 1: Reconnected with colleagues 2: Connected with new people who have the same or similar interests in social networking tools 3: Sharing and collaborating with new contacts on specific projects 4: Gained a great insight into areas that I was not ofea with and peaked my curiosity 5: Twitts following me into the world of ning and Classroom 2.0 where I have a page and becoming members 6: Twitts following me into my facebook world and connecting with me - sending messages, becoming my friend 7: Discovered an easy tool to quickly and easily get messages too or important updates on work 8: Followed many to their blogs, finding a wealth of information and expertise I was unaware of 9: Greater awareness of what my friends are doing - amazing work in all directions 10: Greater awareness of what others are thinking, experiencing, seeing, doing, in the moment (rare for any social networking tool/technology). 11: Questions answered instantaneously 12: New friends daily 13: Constant expansion of friends and growth of networks, within and outside of twitter 14: Leads to sources I may never have found 15: Kind and caring people connecting with, encouraging and supporting my teenage son who I have recently begun homeschooling, using social networking tools and technologies (ONE TWEET AND HE HAD EMAILS, COMMENTS LEFT ON HIS BLOG AND NOW HE TWEETS TOO). In the last week, I have wondered more about the power of this, 'micro' tool and thus decided to experiement a little. What prompted me to go into action - here is the story. I had a chat with a friend of many years, Mr Red Symons, an Australian celebrity I guess, who is on ABC radio in the mornings five days a week (never listened to it but I hear its great). We were chatting about our kids, what they are doing at school, growing up, surviving as parents, all the usual stuff, until I opened my big mouth about social networking tools. Interested he was, curious he was, a believer in their use in business or education, not quite there but not at all dismissive. Mr Symons began his career as a secondary school teacher in the maths/science arena, so maybe proof of some sort was required. We chatted about how I was going to homeschool Zane, due to the failure of Traditional Education to cater for the needs of one with a disability (Chronic Fatigue) and how I proposed to use a number of social networking tools and related technologies to help him along. Trying to explain to friends and family what and how I am homeschooling Zane, has been tricky and until many see evidence, they will continue to think I am a little nuts (that's okay as I have never flown with the rest of the ducks, nor do I want to. I have heard same questions, over and over - "But what about the curriculum?", "How will you prepare him for exams?", "How will you cover all the subject areas?","Will it disadvantage him in anyway", "Are you sure it will work?" My response - I have been there for the children of thousands over the years and I believe provided them with the best learning and learning experiences that I could muster at any point in time. I have never been one for conformity, I believe that I am doing what is right, I believe and have seen the benefits of social networking tools and related technologies, first hand - my own learning has increased ten fold, my desire to continue learning the same, my interests and horizons expanded, making new friends, sharing, learning and collaborating globally - with no end in sight. Infinite worlds -Infinite opportunties - Worlds as with everything in life - where the level of your effort and commitment will be rewarded the same or in my case, I believe 10 fold. If you make an effort to keep in regular contact with, you are willing to share, willing to learn and have an open mind, if you strive to make better for you and all who connect with you, the benefits and rewards, will outweigh any negatives that others may wish to cast. How could this be wrong for my son? In my eyes it is not! If what I believe is correct, Social Networking tools and related technoligies, now and those yet to unfold, will breathe new life into 'Homeschooling' globally, and open worlds to all, especially those with disabiltities that are not catered for with Traditional Formal Education. Back to the Mr Red Symons and Twitter Experiment more on SNT and Zane to come! Mr Symons, was as I said curious and was going to be most interested to see how Zane progressed. I mentioned twitter near the end of our chat, tried to explain what it was (I may have failed a little), what it had brought to me but he was a little wary and hey, who can blame him - it did take me a couple of months after joining to give it a go and become active. After our chat I sat and pondered, how could I prove that twitter, this tiny little tool, was in fact a mighty tool, connecting so many globally with so many benefits. A little light flashed - Mr Symons has a number of incredible Youtube videos (under the name of rocsims) that he has painstakingly nutured and created - around 18 hours or more is possible for just one - oh to have the patience and the skills. Whilst not wanting to upset the twitteratti and flood them with URL's, I decided on the following plan (sounds like an evil plot the more I write). 1: Do as you usually do and tweet URL's that make you mad about ignorance in Australia re: SNT 2: Post a few of Mr Symons Youtube videos in the tweets as you go (they are worth watching so I was not fearful of anyone thinking I was sending through rubbish) 3: Check the view count for each youtube before you tweet 4: Keep track of the view count for at least 5 days and see if there is any obvious increases I implemented the plan, no objections to my posts, in fact one direct reply saying thanks they are great and one direct message, singing the praises of Mr Symons and his creations. But what about the views - did they change, was there a significant increase? I can report in the affirmative. Maybe nothing earth shattering but there appears to be a direct correlation between my initial tweets and instant increases in views and as the days have passed, the views are continuing to increase and more rapidly than the instant views. It is evident that the three I selected as prime targets, have had the greatest increase in hits, however it appears that once the selected target has been viewed, interest has grown and others out of the 14 on Mr Symons site have also shown reasonable increases in views. In checking today (only 31/2 days) since the initial tweet, Mr Symons site has had an increase of over 1800 views - whilst his site is popular and when he uploads a new video, there is significant traffic, in the downtimes, I have not seen such an increase in views in such a short time. So, what can be said of twitter in this situation, pretty simple really: Twitter has the power to be used as a forceful marketing/promotional tool that brings almost instant awareness to a vast and numerous audience. Twitter connects those trying to connect simply and quickly. Twitter can be used to lead others or can lead you to places you could have googled a life time for and never found. What can I say of my recent experience with twitter? That I should never dismiss a new site/tool/technology just because it looks to simple or does not have loads of bells and whistles. Sometimes simple outweighs the complex. Have I or anyone actually discovered the True Power of Twitter? I dare say not. I am now waiting for the day, that a cause or a situation of a critical global nature strikes - as I believe then and only then will the world sit up and take notice of the power of a tiny tool on the www called Twitter, as the twitteratti tweet to one and all. Thanks Twitter!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Money Spent on Filters - washed away - Schoolboy hacks in 30 minutes

A Short post as I am still laughing - can you imagine what we all could have done with the money wasted by government on their so called 'filter' Picked up your post on the state of play in Australia, regarding the blocking of snt for learners and kids at home (the porn filter) and the interesting USE of snt by those in politics - Mr Howard, Mr Rudd.I had a chuckle when I realised that the government had put out a youtube to promote joining the defence forces during the gap year and at the same time, they were busy behind the scenes blocking the very people that, one would have thought was a key market.You maybe interested in this update. It appears that the incredible filter they have been talking of here, that will keep all children safe, has been hacked by a school boy in Melbourne in around 30 minutes.And how much did they spend on this exactly???? Porn filters no barrier for net users,21985,22303468-2862,00.html I have made similar comments to yours on my blog of late - if you wish to peek -

Friday, 24 August 2007

Freedom of Speech & Social Networking Tools and Technologies - At Odds in Australia!

It appears to me, that as social networking tools are leaping out at those not ready for them (where have they been), that the world is still not ready for them as we are seeing knee jerk reactions, as to their use. In Australia, most educational insitutions have or are in the process of, denying access to as many social networking tools and technologies as possible. We have this article 'Sky's the limit for MySpace' which acknowledges the growth, the power and the ways in which Myspace is being used globally, with no signs of slowing - only signs of infinite evolution. The article talks about the positives of myspace and the benefits it is bringing to so many around the world. I have to admit, that I would question any music business course or any music course that did not integrate myspace into the learning as I would many other subject or course areas. The sooner those responsible for the education/learning of those in Australia, come to grips with the fact that the world has changed and act accordingly, the better off the learners and in the long run, Australia will be. As you will note from past posts, there is much being done in Australia to block all of these sites on campus and in schools. This done instead of helping learners to use productively and safely. No sense to me at all but it is the way it is and we need to see it change. I have just found the two articles below in todays paper and I am now questionning what appears to be the censorship of the private worlds of others. It is great that the article acknowledge the use of social networking tools and technologies - yes they are being used by many for many reasons - believe it or not. Cats axe star's blog Questions: Should those in the spotlight have their rights to Freedom of Speech taken away? Is this just taking things too far? Who is going to check that all footballers are doing what they consider 'right'? Does this mean the AFL is going to create a policy that is fair to all, or are we going to see random cases such as this, brought to the publics attention? Do we need to consider the laws of equal opportunity in such cases - ALL TREATED IN A LIKE MANNER? Rudd queries PM's staff making 126 Wikipedia edits Is this such a big deal? Is it not one of the features of wikipedia that attracts people - the ability to edit and update. Is it so odd that a politician would ensure that any promotion was tailored for their purposes - thus using wikipedia in a way that suits to get elected? Leave it with you all whilst I digest and post my responses to my own questions.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Homeschooling using Social Networking Tools and Technologies - My son Zane Begins His Journey

A brief update on my son's progress, this week - the week he has begun his learning journey at home. Zane has created a blog amongst other things, just in a few days this week. It was all new to him, although he did say, that creating his blog was similar to setting up his myspace, which he did ages ago on his own. You will find updates on his blog as he goes along. I hope you enjoy travelling this path of so many unknowns with Zane and myself. Thank you to all for the amazing offers of aid and encouragement for Zane. It means so much to both of us and greatly appreciated. Jacinta

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A Decision - Extreme - Terrifying - Solution

As a result of difficulties my eldest( a chronic fatigue sufferer), has been having at school and no apparent, easy or speedy resolution or assistance, in sight at the school's end, I have made a decision, placing faith in myself that I have the ability to homeschool my child. Please note that he is in year 10 in Australia - as I am not sure of the exact equivalents globally. I have found the past day to be most interesting upon reflection. Why - well let me share. I have been involved in education/learning since I entered the workforce as a teacher in secondary school. I have travelled the world, been afforded incredible opportunties for professional and personal development others dream about. I have always tried to give my learners the very best learning experience by remaining current, listening to their needs, exploring and connecting with others, learning from others, seeking the great, the new, the engaging, all that will enhance the learning and potentially the learners future. I have always sought guidance from those who I know (connected with online in the majority), seek only the best for their own learners and I think it fair to say, those who are the 'true carers of learners globally' . I have always acted upon and integrated the new into the now (if and where appropriate of course), believing it to be my professional, ethical and moral duty. are more expert when required (SNT making this so much easier and adding so much value to learning globally). I have always believed that sending my child/children to school was just what you did, believing homeschooling was not the best option due to the isolated nature of the learning. Despite all that I have done, believed, felt in the past, what I am feeling now is honestly sheer 'panic' combined with a constant questionning of my past views, opinions, attitudes towards, other systems (home schooling in this case). Why is it that I believe I can provide the very best learning one person can possibly provide to the children of others, yet at this point, my confidence in providing the same for my own child is so low? The simple answer may just be the nature of the situation and the mindset change involved: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning that I can afford. Now the mindset has to be for me is: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning I can provide. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am going to create a blog , sharing the journey that my son and I are about to embark on, warts and all. As soon as my son and I have completed this first task (plan, design, publish a blog), I will point to it from Classroom 2.0, so that you may join us on our adventure. Oh, and if anyone out there has any tips, experience, knowledge or is in a similar challenging situation, please know that anything offered is appreciated 1000 fold and anything I can offer others the same.

Clear the chalk dust learn afresh

Could there possibly be a push finally for the 'rights' and 'needs' of LEARNERS now and in the future? I am running with this as a positive and hope to see and hear more in Australia, that helps all citizens not just those within education, understand not only that times have changed (which can give you a sore head) but in what ways, how and the consequences of not embracing the gifts provided on the www within a learning context - well maybe that should be a societal context. I hope you enjoy the article.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Top 100 Tools for Learning at 10 August 2007

TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNINGas at 10 August 2007 I stumbled over a site that provides a section, listing the current Top 100 Tools for Learning. I have not delved deep within the entire site, however I did feel that this page would be useful for all as I have certainly gained an insight into other worlds and tools unknown to me before. The layout provides easy reading and the links to each tool, allow you to learn more about what each one does, is used for or in some cases takes you to the development tools offered. It is also useful if the budget is on the mind, as it lists costs/free. I hope it is of value to you as it has been to me.

From The One Who Hates Involvement In Politics Of Any Kind - This May Shock You!

Yesterday I realised that the world of OZ has turned upside down and I fear it is destined to remain there for some time to come. Announcement: Government will do all in its power, use as many resources as required, force all ISP's to apply web filtering programs, blocking pornography and protecting users of the net. Please do not quote those exact words, but to me that is the essence of this ploy. Who do you make your primary target audience for such an announcement? Who else, but 10's of thousands of Christians around the nation (maybe around the globe) There is much I could say about the chosen audience, however I will clip my wings a little and just say: When did those from all the other religions drop off the planet exactly?????? Who is present and speaking as Christians to Christians, bringing such good news to the chosen ones? The PM and the Leader of the Opposition What medium is used for such speeches and assurances that they have the answers and can keep all safe, through blocking all they consider inappropriate? On Stage, broadcast, webcast, podcast - did they know they were using the very technologies they want to block? At this point in time, this creature who detests any involvement personally in politics - I am not good at it, so best leave it to those who are and move on - I am left numb. I am faced with having to vote in the elections in this country later this year and I do not want to see either of these people running not only the country but our entire future. Their traditionalist attitudes, the mix of contradictions: PM uses youtube to market joining the defense forces - uses for other messages Other Politicians have myspace's But All those in educational institutions in this country are being denied access to such sites. To add to it and finish it for me was the article you will find below. I agree with everything said - it is unworkable and should be a crime. What makes my blood boil however is the fact, that they have done this whole 'Christian' gig yet their has been no feasability study conducted?????????????? Time for someone to put a rocket up these people.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Cyberspace stole Cathy's Identity

This article has just been posted and I found it most interesting. Whilst I do not wish to make light of cyberbullying (a victim myself within a professional online network) or the concept of identity theft, but I am going to ask maybe a contaversial question - 'Can your identity be stolen?'. I look forward to your insights.

Social Networking Boom Reaches The Workplace

Social Networking boom reaches the workplace - article - The Age 03/08/07 I have long believed that social networking tools, would not only reach the workforce, they would become another item that has the potential, for businesses, NFP, Sole Traders, Self Employed and Multinationals, along with those in the trades. In 2007, we have seen an increase in the business/charity/trade/health and other sectors, employing social networking tools. some for marketing and PR purposes, some as a part of training initiatives and others for collaborative research in the science areas and I am sure many others. Politicians, globally are seeing the power or myspace and the potential it has to increase their audience, get across their policies and raise campaign funds. My contention all along has been that, the workplace, industry, NFP, politics and more, are more open minded, fear less the dangers, see the benefits and are adopting, adapting, embracing and employing, and integrating social networking tools, into their daily practice. The fear for me is that, in many of our learning institutions today, primary - tertiary, many such tools and related technologies are being blocked both from learner and teacher/trainer/facilitator/lecturer, on campus. If is this is allowed to continue, are we not disadvantaging our learners, are we not providing for them an unreal world, one removed from the reality of what is happening now, in workplaces where one day they may wish to be a part of. How can I or anyone, teach subjects in the business sector without working with the learners in various online tools and technologies, is I can not access them. How can they learn to use them safely, productively and strategically, when there is no ability to access the sites required. How can I fulfill my duty of care, to provide a learning experience that is current, relevant and of the highest quality, if I am blocked from the ability to engage them in the worlds ahead of them. How can I provide them with the skills they will require to survive and succeed, no matter what the future brings. So many questions, some ideas forming (thanks to many thought provoking comments and emails for which I thank you), no solution yet, but hope is never lost. Jacinta

bullying on and offline Part 3

So being sent to China and being an ELF made me no friends amongst my colleagues.  I was seen as a pest. In 2003 I was sent back to China ...